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YK-11 is more than just a SARM

YK-11 is more then just a SARM

YK-11 is possibly the most powerful selective androgen receptor modulators currently on the market. But it is different from SARMs like MK-2866, RAD-140, and Ligandrol (LGD-4033) in a couple of ways.

For instance, it is the only modern SARM that has a steroidal molecular structure. YK 11 closely resembles the structure of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a well known synthetic anabolic steroid.

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    Is YK 11 a SARM or a steroid?

    Yk 11 molecular structure
    Molecular structure of YK-11

    The close resemblance to DHT on a molecular level has sparked debate on the question if YK-11 should actually be considered a SARM.

    Some would argue that this compound is in fact not a SARM, but a synthetic androgenic anabolic steroid.

    There certainly is truth in both points of view, so it makes sense to describe YK-11 as a SARM/steroid hybrid.

    How does YK-11 work?

    Of all the SARMs currently on the market, YK11 is the one that has the least amount of research data. There isn’t any clinical data available to support the claims about the use of this compound and the associated side effects.

    Most of what is known about the way that YK11 works, is based on the available research on a cellular level. Because of the popularity of this compound among bodybuilders, there is a fair amount of user reports.

    YK-11 and selective tissue binding

    Similar to other SARMs, YK11 binds to the androgen receptors in a tissue-selective manner. Because it binds to the androgen receptors in skeletal muscles it has strong anabolic properties, comparable to that of androgenic anabolic steroids.

    YK-11 Myostatin inhibitor

    Some of the basic research mentioned consisted of cellular testing in order to find out about the basic method of action. The results show that YK 11 simply aims to increase follistatin levels. Follistatin is another naturally occurring protein in the human body which helps keep myostatin in check.

    When follistatin is raised, myostatin level is inhibited. Inhibition of myostatin results in increased muscle mass and improved strength.

    What are the benefits of YK 11?

    While there are minimal studies on the use of humans, we do know that YK11 has strong anabolic effects in animals.

    This study shows that mice that have low levels of myostatin have twice the amount of muscle mass compared to mice that have high levels of myostatin.

    Some of the possible benefits associated with the use of YK11 are:

    Increased muscle growth

    The most obvious benefit of YK11 is without a doubt rapid muscle growth. YK11 is able to drastically improve muscle growth and produce new muscle cells. It does this by naturally increasing follistatin cells, whilst suppressing myostatin (a protein that stops excessive muscle growth).

    Reports of 6 to 8 kg of increased muscle mass from an 8-week cycle are not uncommon.

    Improves fat loss

    Fat loss is one of the major advantages that YK-11 has to offer over most other SARMs and steroids. YK-11 focuses on replacing any excess fat mass with solid, strong muscle mass – one that you can be proud of.

    Improve strength

    The goal of YK-11 is not to pump your muscles but also to make them stronger. Through the production of follistatin, YK-11 works to strengthen your muscles, making them stronger than ever.

    YK-11 SARM benefits - HQSARMS

    What are the side effects of YK-11?

    Because there aren’t any studies on the safety of YK11 use in humans, we have to rely on user reports for info about the possible side effects of this SARM.

    While most users report little to no side effects, others report quite a lot of unwanted side effects. The conclusion is that the side effects vary from person to person.

    Some of the potentional side effects associated with the use of YK-11 are:

    • Testosterone suppression
    • Mild liver toxicity
    • Increased aggression
    • Joint and tendon pain

    The most obvious side effect of YK11 is testosterone suppression to a greater degree then what is common with most SARMs.

    It is therefore highly advisable to use some sort of PCT after a cycle of YK 11 in order to restore testosterone levels. For more info about post cycle therapy ater the use of SARMS, please read our article: A SARMs PCT: Do you really need it?

    YK-11 dosage and cycle

    The recommended dosage of YK-11 is around 10-15 mg daily.  It is often recommended that you take 5 mg in the morning and then another 5mg at night.  Some bodybuilders will stack YK-11 with other SARMs like MK-677 or RAD140.

    WeekYK-11 dosage
    110 mg per day
    210 mg per day
    315 mg per day
    415 mg per day
    515 mg per day
    615 mg per day
    720 mg per day
    820 mg per day
    8 week YK 11 cycle

    Where can I buy YK-11?

    You can buy YK11 online at HQSARMS in liquid form as well as in raw powder.

    Frequently asked questions about YK-11

    Is YK11 legal?

    At this moment, YK-11 is legal in almost every country around the world, with the exception of Australia. However, as it is not approved for human consumption, it can be sold as a supplement. But it can be sold for research purposes.

    What is the half-life of YK11?

    The half-life of this substance is relatively short: somewhere between 6 and 10 hours. Therefore, it is usually divided into several portions during the day.

    Does YK11 cause hair loss?

    Unfortunally, there have not been any human studies on the use of YK11, so there isn’t much info about the side effects. There are however cases where users complained about hair-loss.


    To summarize, YK-11 is a steroidal SARM that is closely related to DHT, which is a powerfull synthentic steroid. It is also a potent myostatin inhibitor that is able to rapidly increase muscle growth and strength.

    While it isn’t approved for human consumption by the FDA, it is used a lot by body builders because of the strong performance enhancing effects it has.