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Liquid SARMs

Buy high quality liquid SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) and related chemicals for research and laboratory use. Our liquid SARMs contain the raw powder as the active ingredient 

Each bottle contains a combination of PEG-400, Glycerol and DH20, in which the active substance is dissolved. Because some substances are less soluble then others, it is not uncommon for some powder or crystals to fall out of suspension. This can easily be solved by shaking the bottle firmly for 20 seconds.

We ship a measuring pipette with every order that contains one or more bottles. This makes it easy to properly measure an accurate dose.

In our collection of liquid SARMs you can find all of our products in liquid form. The active ingredient is exactly the same as the SARMS powders, but the solutions are easier to dose which makes the liquid SARMs the preferred choice for many of our customers.