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Buy SARMs using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

Besides bank transfers, you can buy SARMs with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

What is Bitcoin?

Paying with Bitcoin allows for an easy, secure and private way for you to send us a payment, without any middle men or banks. Bitcoin is an internet currency that uses secure lines of code to ensure that they cannot be manipulated in the way banks manipulate hard currency. It has led to a free and decentralized currency available to anyone and everyone worldwide with internet access.

There are many advantages of using Bitcoin over traditional payment methods. For instance, using Bitcoin makes it easier and safer to send money across the net, as there are no third-parties that incur their own costs.

Secondly, the code or “block chain” that is attached to the payment not only makes it secure, but also anonymous, making it extremely hard for third parties and government agencies to poke their nose where it is not wanted.

Buy SARMs with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash at HQSARMS

To make a payment to HQSARMS using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash you will need to have a wallet that contains some of the currency. A wallet is a way to easily manage your Bitcoins or Bitcoin Cash, giving you a user friendly interface to buy, send and receive them.

To give you an example, we will show you how to set up a wallet and send payments using Electrum, an international Bitcoin Wallet.


1. First, go to You will be able to download Electrum. This is an easy program to transfer Bitcoins with. 

Download Electrum wallet

2. You will be able to create a new wallet:

Create a new wallet

3. Make sure you note your ‘Generation seed’. This way you can recover your wallet even when your computer fails or crashes. Don’t ever share this with others!

Store the wallet generation seed in a secure place

Pay for your order on HQSARMS

Now that you have a wallet setup, we will show you how to make a payment.

  1. On the checkout screen for your order, you can select your preferred payment method. Select the option “Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash (10% off)”. Click on the button that says PAY WITH BITCOIN 
Buy SARMs with cryptocurrency

2. On the following screen you can choose if you want to pay using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Select bitcoin or bitcoin cash

3. After that you will be taken to the payment information screen. Here you will find the information required to make a Bitcoin transaction.

The information you need is:

  • The Bitcoin address
  • The payment amount
Buy SARMs with Bitcoin

Important note: The information shown above is just an example, so don’t use it.