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YK-11 is more than just a SARM

YK-11 is more then just a SARM

There is some debate about how YK-11 should be classified. YK 11 is a SARM, but technically also a steroid. On top of that, it is a myostatin inhibitor. Confused? You have every right to be. In this article we get into depth about this unique substance.

How to buy SARMs using PayPal or creditcard

Buy SARMs with PayPal or credit card When you want to buy SARMs using PayPal or credit card, you will soon learn that it is really hard. HQSARMs was one of the few SARMs vendors that accepted both of these payment options. Unfortunally we are no longer able to offer both of these options. In this article we will explain the reason why it is so difficult to purchase SARMs using PayPal or credit card. When we started our business in 2019 we opened an account with a popular payment provider and went through the process of approval. Because SARMs are perfectly legal to buy and sell in all European countries, this wasn’t any problem. After just 3 months we could suddenly not use credit card payments anymore. We received only a vague excuse without further explanation. High risk merchant account After searching the internet we found out that we needed a high risk merchant account. It took some time but we finally ended up at DialXS. This company claimed…